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Tuesday, 02 July 2013 08:54

At the end of the Zazenshin fascicle, master Dogen quotes a poem by Master Wanshi. Wanshi's emphasis is on the illuminating power of zazen, its capacity for serene reflection. Dogen then re-writes the poem, but changes the emphasis from reflection to exertion. Each of us must offer up their own version, and this is mine:


Pivotal essence of every buddha

Diamond point of every patriarch

Beyond thinking : making real

Beyond piecing together : vividness


Beyond thinking : making real

We are naturally intimate with it

Beyond figuring out, vividness

Your True Self


This making real is intimate with us

There has been no distortion

This vividness is naturally you

Nothing to do with getting or losing


Here there is no distraction

Discarding nothing yet free

Not a matter of right or wrong

Aiming for nothing yet fully exerting


The water is clear, right to the bottom

Fishes swim like fish

The sky is vast, clear to the heavens

Birds are flying like birds